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We build and develop brands

We have over 35 years experience in the graphic design and print industry.

As a graphic design studio this means we can:

  • develop new branding for your business
  • re-design your current branding
  • make all your branding consistent across all your digital and traditional media

Develop new branding for your business

This is typically done for new clients or existing clients wanting to develop a sub-brand. We will work with you to understand your product and business, your target audience and your company’s personality. We will then create branding assets that will help you realise your ambitions.

Redesign your current branding

Sometimes a business grows or changes and the branding no longer represents its values or image, or both.

Businesses evolve. All branding assets should change in line with the developing business. If not, it’s products and services will not be properly represented by the branding.

Brand guidelines and consistency

Brand consistency ensures that a company brand is easily recognisable across all marketing channels and touch points. This creates a cohesive consistent brand identity.

We develop brand guidelines and ensure existing guidelines are implemented correctly to ensure a unified experience for both existing and potential customers