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We are digital problem solvers

We design brands and products, bridging the gap between tangible and digital experiences. We keep systems running. We fix problems. Our vast experience in the digital landscape has been proven over the last 25+ years. We’re here to help your business grow, adapt and function optimally in a digital marketplace

IT Helpdesk

Connaught provides highly responsive IT support with packages tailored to your business requirements

Cyber Security Services

Connaught protect your business from the threat of hacking and cyber attacks

Managed IT Services

Connaught offer a range of services to help improve your business productivity

Professional Services

Connaught offer IT consultancy services, project management, strategic planning, project design and implementation

Design & Build

We build websites and apps from the ground up. It’s what we do and we do it well!

User Experience

We design complex transactional systems with incredibly intuitive interfaces


We ensure optimisation for the best possible user experience on mobile devices

Graphic Design

We have years of experience designing for all types of digital and print solutions.

IT Support Services

Connaught provides IT support services to organisations across all time zones. We offer “follow the sun” support that allows you to make service calls 24/7/365.

Our services allow organisations to extend their existing in-house IT teams or a completely outsource the IT department for organisations having no internal resource.

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Data & Analytics

Collect, process and manage information to help optimize your business performance and extract useful information from these large volumes of data.

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Digital Strategy

Our experience in the mobile and web environment means we can offer a Digital Strategy tailored for your business.

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Techie Stuff

Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM). Enterprise 2.0. IPTV. Hosting. Dedicated Servers. Load Balancing. CDN. Big Data. Business Intelligence (BI). Analytics. Online reputation management.

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Thinking “out of the box” is an often heard cliché. While we have vast experience, we always take the time to understand your business as we understand that no two clients are identical.

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Web & App Design & Build

We design and build sites for all business sectors and sizes from a beautifully crafted single page site to some of the largest transactional sites in the world.
We have decades of experience in consulting, designing and building web apps. We have a unique ability in analysing business processes and defining them simply and intuitively.

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We use ecommerce best practices to build consumer friendly online shops that compete with the big retailers on a level playing field.

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Simplicity is a users friend! We aim to design websites, intranets, extranets and applications that require minimum/no explantion or training to use. Clever doesn’t have to be complex.

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Web & Application hosting

We provide bespoke hosting packages including hosting websites, internet enabled applications, email, video streaming etc.

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Get in touch

For enquiries, pricing, collaborations or anything else that you would like to run up the flagpole, don’t hesitate to get in touch

+44 (0) 20 7731 0900
Gascons, Smithwood Common
Cranleigh GU6 8QY